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Michelle Jayne is a Yoga Facilitator specialising in Yoga Therapy and

Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Trained in Holistic Counselling, Yoga Therapeutics and a background in Youth Work,

Michelle is passionate about working with the full spectrum of awakening to your individual

truth, and being able to live in accordance with those values.

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From Fragment to Wholeness

Melbourne Workshop

The concept of feeling ‘burnt out’ is not an unusual experience in our modern, busy lifestyles. This workshop has been designed with the nervous system as the focus, the use of restorative postures which will support and regenerate the whole system.

As 2019 comes to a close, create an afternoon where you can support and restore a strained nervous system, impacted by being pulled in so many directions of our busy lifestyles


A wonderful opportunity for the nervous system to restore through supported asana, meditation, pranayama and Yoga Nidra


Saturday 28th December


1 – 3pm




Held at Yoga Lyfe Studio in Middle Park

Yoga Musings

Yoga Cueing Overload

It's confusing....... There you are on your yoga mat. The teacher is saying all the 'right' things. Their cues are spot on, their sequence is accessible, even their playlist is a soothing accompaniment to the class. All of these things are creating what might be...

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Dissolving Disappointment

Have you ever felt disappointment in your life? Like really FELT it? I mean, unless you have lead a completely charmed life, and always got exactly what you wanted, then the experience of being disappointed in an outcome is sure to have crossed your path. Would it be...

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Student Testimonies

I am a yoga teacher and have attended Michelle’s classes & workshops regularly. I attended the Mentor Program created specifically for newly trained, inexperienced yoga teachers. I  found them to be wonderfully beneficial in assisting me to develop my teaching skills. Michelle is a natural teacher and brings warmth and vibrancy into her interactions with her students making it a rewarding enriching experience. 


Michelle has for a long time been a mentor for me throughout my yoga career. Her Presence, Versatility, and Warmth can be felt the minute you step on your mat in her class. She has an ability to work the room and truly feel what is needed in class at that moment.  Her language dynamic as she works you into different aspects of the practice. She is an epic leader, one who doesn’t need to fill the space in a class with the sound of her voice, who is comfortable with the silence – which is sometimes all you need to expand and growth within.


As an avid listener of your meditation podcasts, I wanted to thank you a million times over for your Forgiveness meditation. It has healed and helped me in so many areas of my life, and I am truly, eternally grateful.


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful guided meditations. They are very moving and I found the Effortless Being meditation to be so useful in letting go and also releasing a lot of the tension. I’m feeling very light and relaxed after the meditation and I feel that it has certainly helped me in expanding the feeling of space and consciousness.


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