Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


I was born to dance! From the age of 3 I got my first pair of ballet shoes and immersed myself in the expression of the body and the message of the music. My passion with dance was mixed with Calisthenics, Gymnastics & a love of horse riding. By the time I was a teenager, I moved away from dance, from the story my body told through movement, and into rebellious teens. I got stuck there for a while, until my early 20’s when I decided that I couldn’t live without dance. Two year diploma in dance and by the time I finished, I was ready to take on the world. London was the destination and I was sure I was going to ‘make it!’

Two years later, and a brief stint of training in LA, I was back in Melbourne. Things hadn’t turned out as planned and I was unsure what was next. One thing I knew, my sense of home had become fluid, and I was free to explore my quest in life, wherever that may take me

I ended up in Perth, stayed in a hostel and felt pretty courageous for the risk

A new friend and a night of deep and meaningfuls, led me to my first Yoga Training. It was 2001, I had no idea what yoga was, but the esoteric context and philosophy were conversations I was interested in having. The course was 12mths long, and each weekend we would gather for Hatha practices, Feldenkrais movement, teaching skills, Pranayama and the Chakra System. The method was slow and steady. My nervous system was agitated from the pace. I was used to taking my body to the edge and feeling the sharp pleasure of pain when you nailed a dance move. The training may of introduced me to yoga, but it would be another 7yrs before I allowed it in and started to share it.

 Life has a funny way of turning us slowly back to where we need to be. I returned to Melbourne after a contract as a Youth Officer with the Indigenous. It was a challenging role, and I had moved my whole life to a mining town to take on the contract. I believe for me, the place you are born will always feel like your HOME. Melbourne was that to me. All my family were there, and it just felt right to return.

I began teaching in the fitness industry. I joined up with Les Mills and was chosen as a Bodybalance presenter, which felt like a dream come true. I continued immersing myself in Yoga Trainings, knowing that I had now reached and age where the philosophies made more sense, the movements felt more conscious, and there seemed to be a never ending amount of realisations to be found

I have travelled the globe, hungry for that moment on the mat you have when you allow a new teacher to guide you to places you never thought you would get to. Attending Yoga Conferences around the world, and trainings in countries I had never visited. The experience of foreign land being a perfect analogy of the experience of yoga with my body.

Some of my greatest influences have been Baron Baptiste, completing his Lvl 1 Bootcamp in 2010 was the most intense experience of my life. Our ability as a group to dive into the stories we had been telling ourselves about life, and how that was showing up in the present, was an experience I will never forget. Ana Forrest, the medicine woman. My time with her was of an intense healing which was nurturing but challenging. Her invitation to stay with yourself in experiences you normally would run from, sweating in a gently heated room, moving your body beyond it’s comfort zone, and the principles of Forrest Yoga are ones that I still apply in my teaching to this day. I was fortunate enough to be a teacher with Power Living when they opened their first studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Along with this came mentorship from Duncan Peak and time immersed on retreats in Byron Bay, again diving into the consciousness and seeing what needed to be extracted and examined. A lot of my teaching and practice to this point, had been dominated primarily by strong power and vinyasa styles. All this was about to change…

Our search for external satisfaction, accomplishment and accumulation, has pulled us further away from our centre, rather than leading us closer to our truth

Michelle Jayne

I did an intensive with Tara Judelle in 2016 and knew I had found something that I wanted to explore further. I signed up at the end of that week for 100hrs in Bali, part of Tara’s Embodied Flow training. Again, I felt like a novice, moving through experiences from an inner, somatic sense rather than a muscular one. The experience with Tara returned me to my love of movement, of being within a body that has a story to tell.

And since then, the journey of yoga has continued to reveal myself to myself. Every student I have had the pleasure of seeing in a studio, has reflected this wonder and curiosity of yoga. Sometimes it shows up as pain and sadness, sometimes it reveals itself of breaking free.

As I delve more into Therapeutic models of yoga, it is time to allow the body to unfurl in it’s natural alignment, so that energy lines run smooth and uninterrupted. May the experience of yourself within the container of your body be an everlasting love affair xx



  • Registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia
  • RYT500 Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance

  • 350hrs – Power Living
  • 300hrs – Tara Judelle – Embodied Flow
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training
  • Diploma in Complementary Therapies – Science of Natural Energies
  • Lvl 1 Bootcamp – Baron Baptiste
  • Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy – Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy
  • Advance Teacher Training – Anna Forrest
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga – Simon Borg Olivier
  • Sean Corn –  Mindful Leadership
  • Shiva Rea – Chakra Prana Vinyasa
  • 150hrs Jungle Yoga Advanced Teacher Training
  • Rainbow Yoga Kids Teacher Training
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2

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