We all have a little bit of Wanderlust within us, the desire to travel, experience parts of the world that offer cultural diversity, and to be reminded of how big this planet is that we walk upon.

There is something magical about setting foot inside a country that expands your awareness, whilst knowing that your arrival is not only going to be met with sights and sounds that will stimulate your senses, but also time to slow down, to break your routine, to live by the rising and setting of the sun rather than the hand of the clock.

Participating in a Yoga Retreat means having your food deliciously prepared and served, no shopping or meal planning while you are away. Your yoga class is a short walk from your front door; meaning no setting travelling time and finding parking on your arrival. Yoga props await you in your shala, no having to log your yoga mat around unless it is one you would prefer to use.

Talalla Retreat, Sri Lanka

There is the sweetness of practicing somewhere far away from your everyday experiences and environment. And, while practicing with us at Talalla Retreat Sri Lank, you will have the sounds of the ocean as your back drop, inside an open air shala where gentle breezes will be there to kiss your dewy skin after an early morning experience on the mat.

The opportunity to practice yoga twice a day is an undisputed luxury. Only on a yoga retreat would you have the time to come back to your mat without worrying about what else you have to get done during the day. It is an ultimate reset button; one where you spend more time being aware of your breath, than focusing on your to do list. Away from the yoga mat, there is plenty of time to relax, to swim, to contemplate, to tour and see the sights, to soak up an experience that is outside your everyday routine


Come and join us at Talalla Retreat from 9th – 15th April for a full week of yoga, beach, sunshine, culture and cuisine.

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