It’s full moon time. That means that us yoga teachers are going to let you know that it’s a time of letting go of the old, releasing that which doesn’t serve you, which house is influencing it’s moonbeams, and a ton of other experiences we might feel is poignant to share at  that ‘time of the month’ 😉

But this moon seems to have an offering that finally  does actually bring a closure to all that has unravelled over the past six months. Like, has anyone else noticed  2016 bringing extra challenges?

Hell yes! I don’t think I can recall a year where there have been so many endings. Death in the family, moving house, career in a mess, who am I anyway? what do I really want? You know, just the usual questions one asks themselves, when there is nothing holding your identity together anymore.

And isn’t that supposed to be the beauty? I hear myself saying in yoga classes all the time, ‘Learn to surrender’, ‘let go’, ‘allow’, ‘give permission for things to unfold in their own time’, yet talking about these subjects and living them are like existing on two different planets.

2016 so far has been the most identity crisis year, with uncertainty in my  path of teaching yoga, being overlooked again, and again and again for roles within studios that I had been pre offered, only to have them handed over to someone else. Differing points of view with studios that left a gaping hole in my teaching schedule, and then a retreat that was, that maybe should never have been….

So for me, I am more than happy to hear of the changing tides this Aquarian Moon is going to bring. They say that Aquarius is the sign to tap into for revamping, change, improvements, adjustments. It coaxes us to question, ‘What would the highest outcome look like in my current situation?’ It encourages us to look at the BIG PICTURE, a little bit of third eye gazing. To see way beyond what is unfolding, and to tap into the excitement and adventure of taking a risk, of doing something you haven’t done, of chasing that dream that keeps whispering to you, but you ignore because you’re too busy doing the things you think you HAVE to.

To be perfectly honest, I am at a blank with the BIG PICTURE in my life. I feel void of direction, and considering I have had nearly everything that I thought I was, slowly disintegrate before my very eyes, I am bathing in the absolute emptiness and trusting with every ounce that that which wants to utilise me for expression, will announce itself without me sending a search party out to look for it.

Have you ever been there? In that empty space? Do you allow yourself to stay there, allowing life to continue to unfold, allow the others to keep kicking their personal/professional goals while you sit patiently, quietly, confidently, knowing your time will arrive not a second too soon, not a second too late?

I presume this is what pregnancy might feel like. As I have no children, and not a realistic experience of growing a foetus in my belly for term, yet I imagine that waiting game, that observation of the signs happening physically, externally, and all the while this tiny foetus is developing and growing until finally, whoosh, it’s fully cooked and ready to enter the world. That is where I am at. An inkling, an idea, a desire, tiny signs of life that are slowly coming into form. It has no visual features as yet, nor will I know what it looks like until it is ready to make it’s appearance, but I know it’s there. I sense it brewing, and feel pretty good with the waiting game that it is offering me.

So, that’s my reflection on this full moon. In classes I have been offering the affirmation


Are you with me on this one? Like everyday, nurturing your imagination, giving it full permission to take you to an expanded version of yourself. Visualise yourself beyond your fears and begin the process of rebuilding.

Thank you Aquarius Full Moon, you arrived in perfect timing xx

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