Hips & Warrior 1

In class today, I had a student who is a regular on the yoga mat ask me about Warrior 1 alignment. I was surprised, as I didn’t feel I had said anything different in this class, and also as they were not a new or beginner student, I assumed they had a solid...
Meditate between the gaps

Meditate between the gaps

While I was in Sri Lanka, I headed off to a Ayurvedic Retreat, Plantation Villa, to do some much needed detoxing and reflection of where I was heading…..ie Mid life crisis kinda reflecting Plantation Villa Ayurvedic Retreat My days at Plantation Villa, were very...
Defusing the Quest for                          Satisfaction

Defusing the Quest for Satisfaction

Is it just the Full Moon of late, or am I becoming more dissatisfied with the general gist of life? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to a be a pessimist, but lately, I sense a feeling of chasing after something that will keep me full of satisfaction for...

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