If I was to tell you that your body has stored all of your life experiences up to this moment, would you believe me?

People come to Yoga for all different types of reasons, and most leave a class experiencing something new and unexpected, body wisdom that was revealed in moments when we had no idea the body was trying to communicate to us in it’s own language, beyond the scope of the intellect.

Each class I teach, each student I work with is energy in motion. The experience of becoming present to something that exists in that moment, that affirms there is indeed more to us than we understand.

On this page you can head over and view my Class Schedule    Most of the studios I teach at offer open level classes, this means that whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner in the room, I will be able to assist you to modify your practice according to your needs and level

If general classes are not your thing, then join me for a Private Yoga Session     These sessions create a specific program according to your individual needs, without having to share the attention of the teacher. I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy, and draw from vast trainings to be able to assist you in your Yoga Practice

Let your practice be a guiding light to the deep wisdom existing within

Om Shanti, Om Peace,


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