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How can I be of service? I’m based in Melbourne, and offer Yoga practices that cover a broad range of modalities.

I would love you to come along to a casual class to get a feel of the style of yoga I teach, and if it’s suitable for you. If you head to my Schedule you will find the studios I currently teach at.

Maybe you would rather  a private yoga session? I have trained in Yoga Therapeutics, Trauma Informed Yoga and have a Diploma in Counselling. Would love to hear what your needs are and we can go from there.

I also offer specifically designed Corporate Yoga Sessions which can be found under Work With Me.

Current retreat is 9th – 15th and we are heading to Sri Lanka! Staying at the beautiful Talalla Yoga Resort. Please email me your interest and I would love to have you come along on this special wellness adventure.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my FREE meditations under media. Just hit play and breath your way into your deep centre. I also have my meditations available on Insight Timer so you can check them out there also

Looking forward to working together

Michelle xx

Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat

Come away and spend a week immersed in your yoga practice.

Set by the beach, Talalla Yoga Retreat will offer you sunsets over the ocean, Ayurvedic inspired menu’s and splendid accommodation. Yoga practices morning and evening, excursions and free time to soak up the beauty around you

April 9th – 15th

Prices start from $1500

Our Blog

Dawning of Aquarius

It’s full moon time. That means that us yoga teachers are going to let you know that it’s a time of letting go of the old, releasing that which doesn’t serve you, which house is influencing it’s moonbeams, and a ton of other experiences we might feel is poignant to share at  that ‘time of the month’ 😉

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Where did my Dharma go?

I'm in a slump. Admittedly I am unwell, some kind of virus, low in energy and just generally blah. If you are a human, and have ever been unwell, I am sure you are well aware of what this feels like. So you tend to have idle time when you are unwell, when not...

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Immersing with Shiva Rea

It was a 5am start that called us all to gather at Tauhara Retreat and Conference Centre in Lake Taupo, trudge into the bus and set off for the journey towards Tongariro National Park. I was in New Zealand to soak up the glow of Shiva Rea: Yogini, Mother, Teacher,...

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Our Students Love Us

I am a yoga teacher and have known Michelle for four years, through attending yoga classes, but significantly, from a professional perspective through her work as mentor. I have undertaken a number of Michelles workshops and attended the Mentor Program created specifically for newly trained, inexperienced yoga teachers. I completed a number of workshops in the Mentor Program and found them to be wonderfully beneficial in assisting me to develop my teaching skills. Michelle is a natural teacher and brings warmth and vibrancy into her interactions with her students making it a rewarding enriching experience. Her ability to work collaboratively with others and her integrity give me no hesitation in recommending her to you.


Michelle Jayne has for a long time been a silent mentor for me throughout my yoga career. Her Presence, Versatility, and Warmth can be felt the minute you step on your mat in her class. What drew me to Michelle was her ability to talk you into a ‘withdrawal’ state of mind, her ability to work the room and truly feel what was needed in class at that moment. It felt like she was talking to me individually, even though she had a room full of yogis. I connected with her love for UNION. Her language was soft and sweet to set the scene, but commanding and consistent when I needed that extra support. Her fascination with sound healing is what actually peaked my attention to learn more about Holistic and Complementary Therapies, which lead to me eventually becoming a Therapist in this field. Michelle has herself demonstrated a degree of self-exploration which inspires the yogis in her class to do the same. She is an epic leader, one who doesnt need to fill the space in a class with the sound of her voice, who is comfortable with the silence – which is sometimes all you need to expand and growth within.


As an avid listener of your meditation podcasts, I wanted to thank you a million times over for your Forgiveness meditation. It has healed and helped me in so many areas of my life, and I am truly, eternally grateful.


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful guided meditations available through the podcast app. They are very moving and I found the Effortless Being meditation to be so useful in letting go and also releasing a lot of the tension. I’m feeling very light and relaxed after the meditation and I feel that it has certainly helped me in expanding the feeling of space and hopefully consciousness.


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