I’ve been experiencing a bit of an SI joint thing. You know, tighter and a little sore when twisting to one side only, feeling over precautious in backbends which I usually love, feeling a little stiff during a pelvic bowl rock.

Now, this is not the article that breaks down the biomechanics of the SI joint, nor goes into a detailed prescription of what muscles are weak vs the strong one’s and how to rebalance these out. If you want the actual experience of that, you will need to come along to my classes. What this musing is about, is why did my body reveal weakness in this particular area, how might it relate to what is happening in my world, and what are some of the intentions I need to set MENTALLY to assist with the recovery and support of my SI joint.

The most obvious realisation for me occurs around well, what chakra is this area related to? Muladhara. The base, the beginning, our roots into the world. Muladhara lives in the element earth and her colour is a rich red, like the soils you might see on a sunset in Darwin. Muladhara plugs us into our most basic survival needs in order to progress in life. So, how we make money, how much we have to survive, where we get our food, is our home a safe environment, all those things that we might take for granted, are actually the very foundation that allow us to free up mental tension from worrying about these things, and continue the journey of our spiritual maturity. For example, someone who is homeless is challenged when it comes to moving forward, as the uncertainty of something as basic as shelter each night is taken away from them, and most of their mental energy is used up worrying or planning this basic need.

So, we are down at Muladhara, and we are tapping into the SI joint, and the experience of Stability vs Mobility. Some of us have stronger muscles around the joint, but not a big range of motion, other’s opposite. I am more the mobility body. The body that loves the buzz from the big backbends, and because so far my body hasn’t complained, I have continued to take myself deeper into these shapes without much consideration. Until something goes a little haywire.

Okay, fair enough. You say you have been doing big backbends for a long time, and you are surprised when your SI joint starts complaining? Actually, I am more interested in external circumstances that were also going on, when the SI joint began it’s descent, pulling my awareness to the energy of Muladhara Chakra. So, in the time around and just before the SI problem, I moved house into an apartment the I loved but deep down was afraid I couldn’t afford. I had ups and downs with my income that, even though worked out, I knew I was afraid of paying the rent, bills, living a life! And I had just lost two of my dearest family members who meant the world to me. That pretty much targets all the experiences that Mooladhara takes care of. What do I mean exactly? My thoughts about these events; finances, home, family, congregate in the energy centre of Muladhara. Just like my thoughts on how I feel about my personal power within the world hang out in my Solar plexus or Manipura Chakra. So are you getting my drift. Each energy centre, being the chakra’s, looks after different beliefs, thoughts, process we have in regards to different sections of our life.

Okay, so I’m challenged financially, grieving for my family, and throw myself into a new apartment that I am worried I can’t afford and suddenly, under the weight of that mental pressure, and the carelessness in the specifics of my practice, I start to get an SI joint strain. The next question is, what can I start THINKING or BELIEVING that can assist me in this area, AS WELL as strengthening exercises for the stabilising muscles.

Muladhara’s main issue is trust. Trusting myself, trusting the flow of life, trusting things are working out as they should, trusting I have the strength to continue, trusting in my intuition. The OPPOSITE experience of trust is FEAR!!! Can you see back in the blog how I confessed to being afraid of apartment living, finances, and also with death, the extreme loss that causes. So now I have an insight into the events that have been unfolding in my life, my thoughts and belief about those events, the chakra that all this relates to, and the body area this chakra associates itself with. Now what?

Well, like all good detectives, these clues lead me to an answer that I probably already had bubbling away deep down, suppressed by all my worry thoughts, or fear thoughts, bubbling away in Muladhara and communicated via SI joint. The development of trust is going to be the new affirmation/intention that I am going to work with to assist and support the recovery within SI joint. Please don’t think I am not doing other practices on a physical level to support the actual muscular support, but this blog is more about how I can change my thinking patterns by understanding the symptoms my body is giving me.

So some affirmations I will be repeating, even while doing strengthening exercises, or while meditating and visualising the pelvis and SI joint will be:

I trust the process of my life to bring me to my highest good

I am exactly where I need to be

I trust life supports me in fulfilling my purpose

I am willing to release all fear and worry

and the big one……….

I am safe

The constant practice of any of these affirmation each time fear comes my way is the trick to changing the neuron pathways that have created the beliefs that have revealed themselves via my SI joint. When I feel fear in my body, without it’s accompanying story, it feels a little like anxiety. Acid stomach, faster heartbeat, jumpy, that kind of thing. Now, if I don’t add a story to why I might be feeling this way, but instead just utilise the symptoms in my body to start running a new dialogue through my system, then pretty soon I will have a completely new set of beliefs put in place. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and let me know how it goes.

Is my SI joint healed? The journey has begun. Stay tuned…

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