Yoga Classes

About Michelle Jayne’s Yoga Classes & Styles

Yoga Studios tend to label each class to allow students to choose the most appropriate practice they are in need of.

Each class I teach will include Pranayama, Asana, Philosophy and Meditation to allow you to take your practice where it needs to move that day.

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Restorative Yoga aims to rejuvenate the nervous system by using an abundance of props, simple Hatha style postures, long holds and pranayama. It is a perfect class for those recovering from injuries, experiencing stress or fatigue, or as a rejuvenating practice between the more Yang styles.

It differs from Yin in the way that it is not targeted at stressing deep connective tissues, but instead uses the props to encourage the body to relax and release completely. Expect to walk out on cloud nine.

Power Flow 1 & 2

Power Flow is a traditional Yang style of practice involving Pranayama, Asana and Meditation. A Power Flow will focus on strengthening and lengthening muscles, whilst learning how to utilise the core as the centre from which you move from.

Power Flow 1 is perfect for beginners or those wanting to have a easier practice while still moving fluidly and working up a gentle glow. Power Flow 2 moves a little quicker with Vinyasa style sequencing and some more challenging postures.


Hatha Yoga is the traditional style that was brought over to the west by those that had trained in India. It works at a slower pace, taking the spine through it’s full range of motion, but without focusing on the use of heat or intense vinyasa sequencing.

Hatha is perfect for those who are newer to yoga, recovering from injury, looking for a slower, gentler practice and also the older population.


Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular styles in the west. The word Vinyasa means a flowing movement of postures synchronised with the breath. A Vinyasa style class gives you a feeling of effortlessly moving through your practice, moving from your core, and learning how to utilise the breath in a way that it carries you from one movement to the next.

Hot Flow

Hot Yoga originally became very popular in the West from Bikram Choudhury, who created a specific sequence done in a 38 degree heated room. Since Bikram, there has been a large amount of variety in the ways that Hot Yoga is taught.

The main experience in a Hot Flow class is that the heat is up, and you can expect a slightly slower sequence with longer holds. Usually inversions are not done in a Hot Flow class due to the demands on the heart and blood pressure.