Private Yoga Sessions

Transformation happens on many fronts: in the way you treat your body through fitness and food, in the quality of the relationships with yourself or others you cultivate and the quality of the choices you make.

When it is time for us to move forward with transformation, sometimes we need a little support, the ability to see our situation from an objective perspective can bring a lot of clarity where once confusion and pain may of resided.

Price Structure

$90 per hour (one or two people)
$120 per session (three to six people)
Extra $10 if travel time is longer than 30 minutes
Larger groups and corporate packages/workshops available

About Michelle Jayne
Michelle has completed:

Certificate in Complementary Therapies

Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy

Diploma in Counselling.

Mainly drawing on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Michelle is able to work with you in an holistic matter.

Traditionally yoga was taught by one yoga instructor to one student. In modern times the number of students attending classes where only one teacher is available is a common experience in most classes.

Private Yoga Lessons can provide a more tailored approach to your personal interests, concerns or goals for flexibility, strength or injury. An initial consult will occur, and from this, Michelle will create a personalised plan that suits your needs. Private sessions also offer you more flexibility with the times you are available to practice. Michelle has a range of times available Monday – Saturday, outside of usual timetables at studios.

Enquire about Private Yoga Classes

If you are interested in having a chat about the benefits of booking a private or corporate yoga class, fill out the below form and I will contact you as soon as possible.