Yoga Musings

After quitting Instagram…….

I survived 3 months without Instagram! I signed out of my account, and didn't look back. It was interesting. For the first couple of days I almost felt like something was missing. I guess similar to when a really close friend, someone you might talk to regularly...

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Self Value Installation

Let me start by asking something.........Have you ever had a Tradie show up on time? No disrespect to the guys out there doing a great job, but time management doesn't seem to be one of the jobs that has been mastered within the industry. Okay, so like many people out...

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28 Days

Don't you love the first day of a month! There it sits, in your computer dashboard, number 1, the start of a journey, an opporutnity to tap into it's freshness and start over, pull as much sparkling newness from that number 1 and believe with every ounce that whatever...

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Dawning of Aquarius

It’s full moon time. That means that us yoga teachers are going to let you know that it’s a time of letting go of the old, releasing that which doesn’t serve you, which house is influencing it’s moonbeams, and a ton of other experiences we might feel is poignant to share at  that ‘time of the month’ 😉

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Where did my Dharma go?

I'm in a slump. Admittedly I am unwell, some kind of virus, low in energy and just generally blah. If you are a human, and have ever been unwell, I am sure you are well aware of what this feels like. So you tend to have idle time when you are unwell, when not...

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Immersing with Shiva Rea

It was a 5am start that called us all to gather at Tauhara Retreat and Conference Centre in Lake Taupo, trudge into the bus and set off for the journey towards Tongariro National Park. I was in New Zealand to soak up the glow of Shiva Rea: Yogini, Mother, Teacher,...

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